What's New: September 23, 2019

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My Pages update for New User Experience

In a highly personalized world, our customers want highly personalized planning. My Pages, one of the exciting new features in the new user experience, gives Anaplan planners just that!


With My Pages, users have the creative freedom they need to build personalized pages exactly how they want to see them. Highly customizable options not only let planners see the information they want, but help users own even more of their planning experience. With more users empowered and more time for page builders to spend on other value-added activities, My Pages puts even more actionable insights in the hands of planners.

My Pages is available to all customers except those on the Standard pricing tier. 


My Pages will be released as a two-phase process:


1) Phase one: Management area - Anapedia article on how to do this here
Release date: September 23rd and 24th

Today and tomorrow marks the release of My Pages in the management area of the platform. Before we launch My Pages, we wanted to launch the new setting that allows you to decide if you want to allow the use of My Pages for your models. My Pages will allow all users to create Cards (KPI, Chart or Grid etc) in the new UX based on the data in the modules they have access to.

Note: access to Modules is restricted based on the users role, as set in Role to Module area in Model settings. Hiding Modules in the Contents area does not restrict Module access.


If there are modules your users have access to but you don't want them creating personal pages based on this data, you can disable My Pages functionality for any applicable models. To do this, you can open the Manage My Pages area from the Apps screen in the New UX and disable My Pages for any such model. 

Click here to see how to make these changes: Disable My Pages


2) Phase two: Full My Pages feature
Release date: W/C Sep 30th

The full My Pages release will happen one week after the My Pages management is released. Please note that any models you want to disable My Pages for will need to be done prior to this release.


Manage My Pages area:


Learn more about My Pages, how to use it, and how to disable it for models in this video:


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