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We pushed out an update today to ship some new enhancements and fix some of the bugs that have been raised.


Whats new:

  1. Can now connect to a Model that is in a "Deployed" state
  2. New refresh icon next to the Page name on Boards and Worksheets
  3. Clicking the refresh icon will now pick up structural changes made to underlying saved module views, previously it just refreshed the data but didn't pull any changes made to the structure or settings of a module view
  4. You will now get visible feedback when you click "Publish" to save changes to Pages, Worksheets, Boards and Cards
  5. We now only enable the Publish button on Boards & Worksheets when a valid change has happened
  6. Worksheet designer - Will now scroll to show the new card when adding a card to the insight panel
  7. Clicking 'Next' on Card Designer before the view has loaded was causing an error
  8. Can now delete cards that are linked to a deleted module view, previously you weren't able to remove them
  9. IE11 fix - Create an app modal - Redundant Scrollbar in Description Field
  10. Setting a favourite was also setting the last accessed time and pages were showing in "Recents" incorrectly
  11. IE11 fix - All apps page - Multiple delete ellipsis buttons were visible


Many of these bugs were found by you - Big thanks for that and keep logging any bugs you find with support@anaplan.com


Thanks also to those that are submitting their usability feedback, for anyone who hasn't found that link you can find it here:

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