Anaplan Retail UG: June 10 2020 Weekly Status

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Anaplan Retail UG: June 10 2020 Weekly Status


Weekly Update for 6/10/2020


  • Membership status reaches 85 members (+5 from last week)
  • All 85 welcome notes have been distributed
  • One year proposed plan completed - see below
  • First retail Anaplan UG Event planned for July but hasn't been setup yet - agenda below. Working on guest speaker.
  • Planning Poker


Membership Status

As of Monday June 8, 2020 we are officially at 85 members.

  • 7 Customers represented 
  • 17 Partners represented (+1 Partner)
  • 11 Master Anaplanners (+1)



One Year Plan

Below is the one year proposed plan. 

For June we are not planning an event but there are several learning opportunities:

  • Forward Weeks of Supply Solved in Anaplan
  • Inventory Balance Set Applied to Anaplan
  • Customer Lifetime Value Blog
  • 3rd Party Integration Topic: Using Python with Anaplan API Version1.3
  • Book Review: New Science of Retailing



Our First Event | Agenda

Below is the proposed agenda. We are working on a potential Anaplan customer to give a talk on a classic Retail use case. Stay tuned.


Jared Dolich