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Retail Anaplanners! New functionality came out today 9/26/2020 that makes ordering lists much easier. Release Notes: Documentation:   A game changer for many use cases. I will show you an example plus a way to reorder a list subset. I'm sure many of you will have a more creative way to order the list subset so please share! First you have to create a module that uses the list, and only the list, that  you want to reorder. Add a line item that contains the order you wat - can be text or general number.  Create a Order List Action that uses that line item for that list. You cannot select a list subset. It must be a module that uses the complete list.   Run the action. Success! For List Subsets I created a module that uses the list subset and added a Boolean line item set to TRUE. In the module that uses the complete list I lookup the Boolean from the module using the subset list, as shown.   Blueprint:     Create the Action using the Final Order to Use Line Item   The module using the list subset is now reordered.  
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