Territory Planning and Management

Deloitte's Territory Planning and Management app helps you define the most effective sales territories to maximize your return on investment in your sales force. Leveraging a territory scoring approach across multiple dimensions (sales history, territory workload, territory potential), this app helps you understand which territories are sub-optimally designed, so you can take action to improve the territory design. Simplify the process of territory and resource realignment with this easy to use territory planning app.







  • Analyze the sales force deployment at multiple levels using built-in Engagement Reports
  • Drill-down into territories and accounts to ensure the right people are mapped to the right customers
  • Customize the Territory Score feature to any business threshold and to identify under-performing territories
  • Reassign territories and employees on the fly and drive performance through effective territory modeling
  • Recommend accounts for customer segment reassignment as and support an approval process for management for new territories or account segment changes
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