Dashboard examples: Territory planning

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Example #1: Account assignment

Problem to solve:

Operational task to complete: "I need to assign territories to a list of accounts I'm in charge of."

Usability issue addressed: the user has a list of 400k accounts to plan on. Cannot be done by simple scroll or search.

Addressed by setting up a user-based filter:

  • User enters filter criteria in a dedicated dashboard that displays a floating palette using an "undock" functionality. Filter by region, sub-region, and current territory are the useful filter criteria, as well as showing only those accounts for which data entry is incomplete.
  • The model calculates a Boolean to TRUE when the account matches the criteria. The Boolean is dimensionalized by user and account. The impact that this makes on the model size should be carefully monitored.
  • The grid then filters and only displays accounts that match the filter criteria.


Call to action:

  • Step 1: As a sales operations manager, I filter my list of accounts based on an import of some customer ID, or by manually setting up a filter. Then, for this account selection, I need to enter a territory, country, city, and method for the account selected. Once complete, I commit my changes to recalculate all of my impacted territories.
  • Step 2: Once committed, I need to fine tune and finalize my sub-accounts and ensure that they are properly assigned by looking at only sub-accounts that have been assigned to different territories than their parents.


Impact analysis:

  • Visual cues to highlight invalid data entry (Usability guideline): Done by providing a user-based filter option that only displays invalid data entry.
  • Visual cues to indicate when I need to submit changes that I have madeterriroty planning 01.png


Example #2: Capacity planning for a territory

Problem to solve:

  • As a sales operations manager, I should make a plan that will show how I will meet the target amount.


Call to action:

  • Adjust productivity, ramping profile, and resources until my capacity matches my target.


Impact analysis: 

  • Main chart showing capacity versus target
  • Capacity alert color coding 
  • Warning message: Updates real time as end users use any of the three options

terriroty planning 02.png

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