Designing a reporting dashboard

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Reporting dashboards provide the ability to do immediate/at-a-glance analysis of planning activities.
  • Provide real-time collaboration on the plan across the user community
  • Use same best practices as planning dashboard; de-clutter, highlight exceptions, main display grid versus informative data grid, commentaries
  • Dashboard content flow
    • One key analysis per dashboard
    • Components:
      • Title
      • Viewpoint
        • Should be used when a global context must be set for the entire dashboard; i.e. time period or territory
        • Page selectors should be ordered based on usage and should be consistent across dashboards
      • Chart panels
      • Display grid (below charts)
      • Color coding
      • Navigation to instructions where necessary
    • Dynamic navigation in the plan across the hierarchies (i.e., click on a level 1 item in one grid, will display relevant L2s and below)

Below is an example taken from a customer POC with two synced grids and associated chart panels with color coding.

Notice that displaying when the data was last refreshed is a popular technique, especially if dashboards are refreshed daily or weekly.

Reporting dashboard example:reporting 01.png

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