Designing an instruction dashboard

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A complex dashboard may require numerous instructions that users need to read, as well as legal instructions that users have to read and acknowledge they have read. Users should not be exposed to instructions every time they visit a dashboard, especially if they are lengthy instructions. A dedicated instruction dashboard will provide instructions to end users on demand.


Dashboard content flow

  • Users should not be exposed to instructions every time they visit a dashboard
  • Dashboard content flow
    • Title; Heading 1, "Instructions Dashboard"
    • Heading 2, break-up of instructions content
    • Module or chart requiring instructions
      • Only display grid, line items, and KPIs that require instructions
      • Remove unnecessary information (i.e., page drop downs)
    • Instructions directly to the right of object which it is explaining
      • Single concise sentences in "Instruction" format
      • Large blue box is not preferable; break it up in separate smaller boxes to improve readability
      • Do not clutter with too many instructions
    • Short videos on the instructions dashboard can show a 30–60 second demo of basic user functions


Acknowledgement process

  • Create a module dimensioned by user
  • Use conditional formatting to display red when user has not acknowledged instructions
  • Publish line item at the bottom of instructions page for user to acknowledge viewing of dashboard
  • Give admin ability to clear all acknowledgements when instructions are added or changed
  • Automate your custom users list by exporting/importing daily out of the actual user's view in settings


Example of an instruction dashboardinstruction 01.png


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