Customer Success Announcements | March 2021

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Customer Success Announcements | March 2021

Hi, everyone! There are some exciting announcements in this month's Customer Success newsletter. I wanted to post it here to make sure you see them. Please let us know what you're most excited about, and if there is anything you'd like to hear more about at a future event!


Introducing Central Identity Management (CIM)

Central Identity Management (CIM) is a feature where administrators can manage all the users in their tenant from a single dashboard. With CIM, administrators command a single view of all of their users and can easily add, manage, and remove users from the platform with no need to take additional steps at the model level to add or remove those users. For customers that would like to have separation of duties, they can now assign two different people to the User Admin and Workspace Admin roles.

Phase 1 started with the creation of the User Admin role on March 3rd. As of Phase 2, The User Administrator role will have the ability to create, add and remove users to and from workspaces within Administration, rather than within the user’s tab of their workspace. While the release for Phase 2 is not yet scheduled, having the User Admin role created provides time for Customers to transition current responsibilities from Workspace Admin (WSA) to User Admin. 

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Breakdown: 

During the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2, the WSA will still be responsible for creating, adding and removing users. The User Admin role functionality will only be ready for use once Phase 2 is released. Once Phase 2 is released, ONLY User Admins will be able to create, add and remove users. The WSA will no longer be able to create, add and remove users to/from a workspace. The WSA will still be responsible for controlling data security within each model.

Your Call-to-Action:

  • [Tenant Admins]: Follow the steps below. Note: These changes must be made BEFORE Phase 2 to avoid disruption to one’s ability to manage users
      • Identify users who should be allowed to create, add and remove users
      • Assign them to the User Admin role
      • Communicate this update to current WSAs: they will no longer be able to create, add and remove users when Phase 2 release occurs
  •  If you have any questions, please contact your CSBP.

Resources to help you plan and build your Anaplan Center of Excellence (CoE)

When talking about Connected Planning, the technology is often at the forefront of the conversation. However, without connected people and a strong governing force, Connected Planning can easily devolve back into the disjointed siloed planning that is the familiar default of the planning landscape.

A Center of Excellence is the foundation to ensure successful utilization of the Anaplan platform to enable true Connected Planning. At its core, a Center of Excellence is a centralized governing body dedicated to ensuring scalable and successful implementation of Anaplan to execute on strategic objectives and achieve desired business outcomes.

Your Call-to-Action:

  • Learn more about starting your own Center of Excellence using the resources below.
  • If you would like a deeper dive into any particular topic, please contact your CSBP.

Further resources:

  • CoE Resources in the CommunityThis is where all of the resources and collateral are hosted. 
  • 9 stages of building a CoE: This video demystifies and simplifies the steps to build a Centers of Excellence. It’s a very short video and has helped our customers spark more interest as it has helped them realize that they have already made progress into these steps. Please note that the stages are not necessarily consequential, however, establishing the people side of the CoE is the foundation to the rest of the stages 
  • CoE Customer Panel Discussions from CPX: We have recordings from San Francisco and London. Would be a great resource if you have time to listen through what other customers have prioritized in building their CoE and what type of success they have seen 
  • Customer CoE Examples: We also have a collection of slides on how other customers have approached building their CoE and what problem they were/are looking to solve. If you are interested, we can go through them together to find what you feel would resonate the best with your management team.

Collaboration updates now available in the UX

  • Slack integration: Slack integration is live. Once installed in your Anaplan workspace, you can share a UX page with your Slack contacts and public channels from within the “share a page” modal, and the Anaplan Slackbot will notify your recipients. This means you can bring Anaplan data to those who need it even more quickly for efficient collaboration.
  • User tagging with context aware notifications: User tagging has been added to Commenting in the UX. You can tag colleagues to notify them and bring them into the conversation when you need their input.  This allow a recipient to open their URL to a page with the correct context loaded and their conversation panel open and ready to reply in an instant. User tagging is available across the web and Anaplan mobile app.



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