Engaging with Anaplan Community

The Anaplan Community, the place where Anaplan users go to find answers, share solutions, and connect with other business planning leaders from around the world. As you are getting started with Anaplan, we’ve laid out a roadmap of “can’t miss” destinations in Community.

  • Idea Exchange
    • The Anaplan Idea Exchange is your destination for sharing ideas with Anaplan, including enhancement requests for the Anaplan platform, our Community site, training courses, and more.
    • By submitting an idea and giving kudos, you can help us identify what is most important to our Anaplan users.
  • Staying Connected with Groups
    • Anaplan Groups are for people with similar interests, business goals, or objectives to interact and collaborate along their Connected Planning journeys.
    • With 32 groups across the globe and 12 targeted by industry or interest, there is a space for everyone – from model builders looking for technical tips and tricks to leaders looking to better orchestrate their business performance!
  • Community Forums
    • There’s an entire Community of dedicated model builders, solution architects, Master Anaplanners, and even end users at your fingertips through the Community forums.
    • Visit the forums today to ask questions, share best practices, give feedback, answer model builder topics, and grow your network of Anaplanners.

With every interaction, you’ll unlock a new understanding of what our Community has to offer you. We’ll also be there to reward you with Community badges for participating, commenting, and interacting with Anaplanners around the world. The more you interact with us, the more you gain!

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