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You played a key role in the strategic decision to look for a new planning solution, garner budget, and select the Anaplan platform. Now you will help guide the team on transformation planning and roll out.

This tailor-made on-boarding site serves to provide you the information you need to be successful. Covering the important steps for getting started, best practices to ensuring a successful deployment, and resources to support your success beyond your first Anaplan Use Case. Remember; Anaplan really is a journey, and this page should serve as your expert guide.


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  1. Set up your Access to the Anaplan Community
  2. Understand your learning path
    1. Key Essentials modules
  3. Understanding team roles
    1. Identify Model Builders
  1. Discover our project methodology
  2. Establish a Center of Excellence
  1. Engage with the Anaplan Community
    1. Share your product feedback 
    2. Connect at an Anaplan Group
  2. Expand with a Center of Excellence