Highlighting Key Essentials Modules

The purpose of Anaplan Essentials is to provide you with an understanding of Anaplan’s history, our values, and the product over 12 micro learnings (2-15 min each). We recommend completing all of the lessons at your own pace to gain a deeper understanding of Anaplan, but know that it is a 3-hour time commitment. That’s why we’ve highlighted the key modules for you!

Key Modules

  1. Our Journey
    1. Time commitment: 2 Mins
    2. Purpose: An overview of our journey and milestones from our start in a Yorkshire barn to the present. 
  2. Essentials of Customer First
    1. Time commitment: 30 Mins
    2. Purpose: An overview of Anaplan's culture and way of working where we put customers first in everything we do. Learn more about the touchpoints customers interact with when they start their journey with Anaplan.
  3. The Hyperblock
    1. Time commitment: 8 Mins
    2. Purpose: An overview of Anaplan’s Hyperblock (our proprietary in-memory calculation engine) and insight on why we built it the way we did
  4. Implementation Methodology 
    1. Time commitment: 12-15 mins
    2. Purpose: An overview of how we implement Anaplan with our customers. Understanding our methodology helps our customers become more successful.
  5. Central Library, Engine, and User Experience 
    1. Time Commitment: 4 Mins
    2. Purpose: An overview of the components of Anaplan. Learn how the central library, engine and user experience work together to create an Anaplan model.
  6. What is multidimensionality? 
    1. Time commitment: 5 Mins
    2. Purpose:” An overview of how a module gets its superpower - multidimensionality! Learn more about how our modules can include more than two dimensions (such as time, location, product, customer, expense, or currency)

To access the full curriculum, visit your dashboard and click the Anaplan Essentials tile at the bottom.

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