Learn Anaplan best practices

Your Anaplan journey is an evolving path filled with new product updates, innovative processes, and increasing business value. Along the way, you’ll surely face some challenges, but there’s no planning that cannot be connected as long as you have an adaptable strategy and knowledge of the right Anaplan best practices.

We’ve highlighted just a few best practices that will help you start off your Anaplan implementation on the right foot. Sourced from Anaplan’s Operational Excellence Group - whose role is to create standard methodologies and repeatable processes for successful implementation of Anaplan – as well as our Master Anaplanners - technical experts that represent the top 1% of Anaplan users - these guidelines are tried and true.

Click into each practice below to get in-depth guidance on how to leverage these recommendations for your own organization.

Architecture and Set-Up

  • Single Sign On (SSO): Leverage Anaplan Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities to place user authentication entirely under your control.
  • Data Integration: Keep these guidelines in mind as you evaluate the steps to take to manage and prepare your data for integration processes.
  • Data Hubs: Learn more about how data hubs – an enabler of more efficient and accurate data management – can be used and if they are right for your organization.
  • Application Lifecycle Management: Effectively manage the development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of applications in Anaplan using our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality.

Model Building

You are now empowered with our most popular best practices for new Anaplan customers, but there are even more useful tips and tricks to take advantage of as you continue to grow your Anaplan ecosystem. Keep in-the-know by subscribing to the Best Practices page (click Options > Subscribe) so you are notified of the latest guidance, and if you can’t find tips on what you’re looking for, participate in the discussion forums for even more support.

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