Maximize ROI with Anaplan

As with any enterprise software implementation, you are investing in Anaplan to resolve specific challenges and deliver value for your business. In order to prove the investment was worthwhile, you need to measure your return on investment, or ROI.

ROI is a common metric used in finance for evaluating, approving, and measuring the success of investments or projects. Most frequently, companies will look at time and quality measures first.

For this metric, you must first benchmark your performance. Before the start of your project, ask yourself these types of questions:

  • How much time does it take the team to execute the business process today?
    • You can break this down into what is the percent (%) of time that each team member spends on a weekly basis toward each step in the process
  • What is the quality of the result of that process?
    • Think about things like the cost of manual errors, trust in data, confidence in forecasts, and latency of the information delivered in a report.

Write the answers down for reference post-deployment.

After the project is deployed and adopted, ask yourself those questions again. Set time frames and milestones to track your ROI. Document it and share it internally within your business, as well as in the Anaplan Community.

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