In order for you to use Anaplan, you will need to take the email you received, register and set up the workspace for training. 

Steps to Set up your Anaplan Environment

1. Complete your Anaplan account registration 

Once you receive an email from Anaplan ( to confirm that your account is active, complete the following steps:

Follow the link in the email and click Complete your registration.

Workspace image.png



Picture2.pngOnce you get to the Anaplan site, set up your password.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters and at least one number*.

  1. Enter your password again in the Confirm Password 
  2. Select a locale and time zone
  3. Select the checkbox to accept the Anaplan Terms & Conditions
  4. Click Continue. You can now log into to access your available workspace(s)

*This will not apply to SSO enabled workspaces. 

2. Log in to Anaplan and set up your team

Now that your workspace(s) is set up, you want to make sure to add your team so they can start training. You will want to add everyone from your company that will be helping with the implementation. 

  1. Navigate to and click Login (located in the top right corner)
  2. Enter your email and the password you chose
  3. Click on the tile label 'Empty'
    • This is the default model that comes in every workspace. You will use this default model to add users so they can get access to your Anaplan environment.Picture3.png
  1. Under the Settings tab, select UsersPicture4.png


  2. Select Add Users from the bar along the top
  3. A window will pop up for you to enter team member details. Enter the following information for each team member: 
    1. Email Address
    2. First Name
    3. Last Name
    4. Model Role (select Full Access).

      If you require a user to be an administrator for your workspace and you have the license, you can select the Workspace Admin checkbox. If you forget to select Workspace Admin, you can select it after adding a user in the far right column.

  1. Click OK
  2. Once you add your team to the workspace, they will receive an email from Anaplan letting them know they have been added to an Anaplan workspace. The team will need to complete the registration steps above. This will allow them to start training

If you have a large number of users that you would like to add via a .csv file, you can find more information about how to automate user provisioning in this video.

If your company requires Single Sign On, identify your resource who is enabled to configure your Identity Provider (IDP) and following the instructions on this page.