Understanding Tenant Admin and User Roles

Anaplan allows for multiple tenants (also known as Customer) across the enterprise to set up new environments quickly and efficiently. Below is a high-level visualization of the different roles and processes that need to take place in order for your workspace to be successful.  

01: Workspace Creation

  • Anaplan Support creates your workspace(s) in tenant (Customer)

Layer 01: Workspace CreationLayer 01: Workspace Creation

02: First User Creation 

  • Anaplan Support adds initial User(s) from the Customer, and grants Workspace Admin
  • Customers: Let your Customer Success Business Partner know who the Tenant Admin should be (this role is similar to a product or system admin). Anaplan Support will then assign the role

Layer 02: First User CreationLayer 02: First User Creation

03: Workspace Admin (WSA)/Tenant Admin (TA) Invite Their Team

Layer 03: WSA/TA Invite Their TeamLayer 03: WSA/TA Invite Their Team

04: WSA Build Models 

  • Workspace Admins (or Model Building WSAs) build Models within the Workspaces they have access to and connect data between multiple Workspaces
  • Non-Admin Users can run imports between Workspaces or Models within the same Workspace if they have the correct access rights in both Models/Workspaces.

Layer 04: WSA Build ModelsLayer 04: WSA Build Models
05: TA Configures & Manages Workspace

  • Grant “Page Builder” role to other Users to build UX Apps and Pages
  • Manage users and model categories across all of the workspaces in your organization.
    • Get a quick overview of all the Users, Models, and Workspaces in the organization. For any given user, you can look up the list of models and workspaces that user has access to.
  • Look up a User and remove (or reinstate) their access to Anaplan. This is useful when an employee or contractor leaves (or rejoins) your organization.
  • Import/configure other Tenant-level features (e.g. Importing a CA Certificate for Certificate Based Integration)
  • New features coming include self-service reports on Workspace usage and users on UX

Layer 05: TA Configures & Manages WorkspaceLayer 05: TA Configures & Manages Workspace
06: TSA Configures SSO 

  • Tenant Security Admin configures Self Service SSO

Layer 06: TSA Configures SSOLayer 06: TSA Configures SSO

Licensed for the Anaplan Audit feature? You'll have the ability to view:

  • Encryption logs — available if your organization uses Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).
  • User activity audit logs — available if your organization has access to Anaplan Audit.
  • Access control audit logs — available if your organization has access to Anaplan Audit.
  • Connection management audit logs — available if your organization uses single sign-on (SSO)

For more information, complete this 6-min course in our Learning Center! If you're looking for more detailed definitions on the roles listed above, please refer to ‘Administration’ in Anapedia. 

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