Understanding project team roles

Anaplan account teams are responsible for ensuring you – our customer - are maximizing value from your Anaplan investment. As you embark on your first implementation and beyond, your account team is there to support you every step of the way.

Anaplan Account Team

Anaplan Account TeamAnaplan Account TeamGet to know more about how each role in your account team can uniquely support you below!

Account Executive

Account ExecutiveAccount Executive
Account Executives are responsible for uncovering the key challenges you are facing with existing planning processes. They have a deep understanding of your industry and are able to quickly identify the goals you are trying to achieve.

Business Partners & Partners
Business PartnerBusiness PartnerPartnerPartner

Business Partners (and where applicable, our external Partner ecosystem) share the responsibility of making you successful in your implementation. Furthermore, our Business Partners will continue to support you after your initial deployment, assisting you with end user adoption, connecting you to the broader Anaplan Community, and guiding you through your maturity along the Anaplan journey. 

Have more questions or need more clarity on your specific account team? Please reach out directly to your Customer Success Business Partner.

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