Data Integration Workshop

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Automate the process of integrating your disparate data sources

The Data Integration Workshop will provide guidance on how to push and pull data into/from Anaplan and best practices related to timing of data movement.

What it can do for you

  • Automate the input of source data and output of data from Anaplan
  • Improve processes and compress planning cycle
  • Eliminate the need to move files manually in and out of Anaplan

How it works

Accelerator course focused on enablement, planning, and setup where our data integration expert will teach you best practices to get started, walk you through how to connect depending on your integration solution of choice, and assist you in understanding the setup process for future connections. 


  • Integration tool identified with some level of expertise
  • Understanding of different data sources that will be used in Anaplan integration
  • Process timelines for current/proposed use cases
  • Anaplan administration and mode building knowledge

 Key elements:

  • Review data integration strategy and approach (batch, real-time, one-way/two-way, etc.)
  • Identify data transformation needs
  • Enable you to best leverage your integration solution of choice with Anaplan
  • Plan for future data integration needs
  • Determine best practice specific to your business and Anaplan solution


  • At the end of this accelerator course you will be prepared to implement integration points with Anaplan or take your current integrations to the next level.
  • This course will leave with you the following outcomes:
    • Data integration architecture design
    • Implementation plan
    • Best practices documentation
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