Design Workshop

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Ensure all future models are designed to Anaplan standards of best practice

Anaplan is a very flexible tool. However, models should be built with a logical structure to optimize performance, usability, and sustainability. The Design Workshop will provide thought leadership and serve as a guide to build your models to adhere to the Anaplan standard of modelling.

What it can do for you:

  • Insight into best practices for Anaplan model design
  • Ensure all future models perform well and are both easy to maintain and understand

How it works

Onsite workshop where an Anaplan design expert will explain key design concepts with worked examples of best practice techniques


  • Understanding of Anaplan modelling concepts

Key elements:

  • Understand the cornerstones of best practice model design
    • Data
    • Inputs
    • System
    • Calculations
    • Outputs
  • Examples of techniques and structures


  • Recommendations of best practices
  • Repeatable techniques and examples to use for future model builds
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