Model Audit

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Ensure your model is optimized for performance, usability, and sustainability

A model audit involves a deep-dive assessment of your Anaplan model(s) to identify potential areas for improvements. Our design expertise will provide guidance on best practices to follow as your business grows and your business environment changes.

What it can do for you

  • Help prepare for expansion into other use cases with Anaplan
  • Ensure models are set up optimally in order to scale and accommodate future needs
  • Ensure model formulae, structures, and actions perform optimally

How it works

An Anaplan solution architect will work with you directly to assess the state of the model, identify areas for improvement, and also identify areas that could limit changes and scalability. The Anaplan solution architect can help provide design best practices, working with your Center of Excellence team to understand your business requirements and transform them into an optimal model design.


  • Identify Anaplan model builder who has a deep knowledge of the model(s) that is/are being reviewed
  • Understanding of the current and future process along with any future plans for expansion
  • Identify key users who can articulate the current use case and any issues with the process and/or model(s)

Key elements:

  • Review existing use of the model(s) and deep dive into areas of need
  • Review any current pain points or areas of concern with key users/administrators
  • Actively work side by side with Anaplan Center of Excellence (if available) and business users to understand future needs and align to future model designs


  • Outlined recommendations for model updates
  • Specific areas of improvement in model design
  • Better understanding of best practices for model audits and model design
  • Enabled with the capability to build additional models to support future needs
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