Model Optimization

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Enrich your model for current and future use cases by deep diving into the model structure

Additions and modifications to models over time often do not take into account the design changes required to accommodate process and business changes. The Model Optimization Workshop will help identify areas for improvement to help provide that extra level of confidence in your production model.

What it can do for you:

  • Identify formulas and structures that have a negative impact on performance
  • Enhance end user experience

How it works

Onsite or remote session with an Anaplan solution architect and model analysis team to analyze models and provide recommendations


  • Deep understanding of current use case and model design

Key elements:

  • Identify specific calculations and/or actions to focus on
  • The Anaplan architect can analyze the specific areas that need re-build or re-design and make recommendations on specific changes needed. This can include a single import, cell change, or model action.


  • Recommendations on short-term and long-term improvements
  • Documentation with recommendations on identified issues in model
  • Advice on incorporating best practice into your model design

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