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Need help taking the next step on your Connected Planning journey?

Our Success Accelerators are designed to provide you with the proficiency and best practices to kick-start an optimal solution for your business. We know that every Anaplan solution is unique, so we’re ready to equip you with a plan of execution to support your specific needs.

From user experience best practices to data hub integration, from model optimization to Application Lifecycle Management; our solution architects and advisors will work side-by-side with your team to kick-start your next step; no matter what stage in the journey you’re at.

For more information and pricing please reach out to your Anaplan Business Partner.

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Ensure your data is in sync across all Anaplan models through a data hub 
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Automate the process of integrating your disparate data sources
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Create an environment in which your organization can build and expand the platform self-sufficiently
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Eliminate development risk by leveraging separate development and test environments.
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Ensure your model is optimized for performance, usability and sustainability
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Ensure your modelling process and Anaplan model(s) are aligned
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Ensure all future models are designed to Anaplan standards of best practice
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Enrich your model for current and future use cases by deep diving into the model structure
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