Digital Commercial Planning

Deloitte’s Digital Commercial Planning (DCP) brings together closed-loop commercial planning with advanced revenue management analytics (specific to the consumer products sector) and delivers a “single view of demand” that can help transform the way decisions are made throughout the organization. DCP integrates with analytics from Deloitte’s Forecasting Engine and Revenue Management analytics to provide insight into decisions made across the business from key industry drivers. Anaplan’s connected planning platform allows for key activities in annual planning, promotion planning, and claims management to flow through to graphical reports, giving all stakeholders an integrated view of their plans vs performance.



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Account Planning
  • Allows users to develop commercial plans development and actively manage their AOP throughout the year. Advanced analytics provided key insights to create the Top-down and bottom-up plan and reconcile any variance between the two
Statistical Modeling and Baseline Predictions
  • Integrated with Deloitte’s Demand Brain and Polaris solutions, coefficients are generated to drive overall volume for the account This assists with scenario planning for sales. The models create a statistical decomposition of historical volume into business drivers
Predictive Uplift and Scenario Planning
  • Generation of causal coefficients to calculate expected uplift in volume based on attributes of event/promotion are factored into Promotion Planning process. “What-if” scenarios based on predefined lift factors and coefficients at individual event or account plan levels. Additionally, users can manage claims against promotions to have a near real-time view of actual performance.
Post Event Analysis
  • Through the integration of actuals data and updates made in the planning process, users have tracking of actual vs. predicted performance (ROI). Users are able to see the actualization of event metrics (base volume, lift volume, revenue, margin, ROI, etc.). Using this information users can adjust in-year commercial plans, based on the latest performance, market trends, competitive activity, and other factors


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