Welcome! Get started here


Welcome! Get started here

Hello, and welcome to the Supply Chain User Group!


We’re glad you’re here. We (your group facilitators) are here to help you as best as we can, so please reach out at any time. Use the Forum to ask questions and start new discussion topics. You can also tag us on a post or send us a private Community message.


Meanwhile, please take a moment here to introduce yourself to the rest of the group. Since introductions can sometimes feel a little awkward, here are a few questions to help you get started: 


  • How did you find the Anaplan Community?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment and how can this group assist you?
  • What goals do you have for your participation in this group?


— Prashant Shukla (@PrashantS) and Michael Detampel (@MichaelD)


I'll start!


  • How did you find the Anaplan Community? As a member of Anaplan's core Supply Chain team this is one of many venues we use to engage with our community of supply chain practitioners.


  • What specifically are you working on at the moment and how can this group assist you? Our Supply Chain team is working on on our roadmap for future innovation and development of supply chain solutions built on the Anaplan platform. We need your input! What works well on the platform? What doesn't? Where can we focus our efforts to deliver the most value?


  • What goals do you have for your participation in this group? I want to listen and learn from all of you, and hopefully share some insights along the way.
Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Hi Everyone! 


I am a Solution Architect At Twelve Consulting Group. I heard about this group through the Master Anaplanner Team. I have a background in operations and supply chain management and hold my Certification in Production and Inventory Management.


Recently I (with the help of some of my friends at Twelve) Completed a Model for the Master Anaplanner Hackathon that helps Non-profits and those on the frontline to help better forecast where they might have a shortage in supply of the items most critical to them. During the day I am working with a Produce Supplier to build their Supply planning process in Anaplan as well as working with a Windows manufacturing company to implement a Statistical Forcast for their Demand Planning. I also am working with Anaplan to help build out some demo models for the sourcing and procurement side of the supply chain world.


I am hoping to be able to help solve some challenges that some people may be having as well as be able to network and learn some creative ideas of ways that companies are tackling the uncertainties that exist in our world today.


Welcome @jasonblinn! Partners like Twelve play a huge role in pushing our solutions forward. Are you dealing with perishability and shelf-life issues in the produce model you are developing? I bet the community would be interested in hearing more about that. I know I would...

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

At this point we are not dealing with anything related to Shelf life or perishability. Right now we are building their demand via a sales plan, and then planning the supply from there and have a few S&OP reports as well. In terms of the long term roadmap, we are looking to get into more inventory planning, and spend analysis, etc. If we get into that in the near future I'll keep everyone posted! But for now,  we are quickly approaching the finish line of what we have in flight and want to get them into the model and start planning to start recognizing value ASAP!

Occasional Contributor

Hi All,

Great to be part of this group. I am Supply Chain professional bring more than 27 years of Industry experience in Supply Chain - Plan-Source-Make-Deliver-Returns processes and enabling Technologies


- Bharani Rang

Group Leader - Employee

Thanks @MichaelD and @PrashantS for creating this Supply Chain User Group.  I am an Anaplan Customer Success Business Partner striving to help all of my customers maximise the benefits of their Anaplan platform / solutions.  I have several customers with Supply Chain use cases in production and a number of others interested in building out their solutions to cover this line of business.  I furthermore have a supply chain background (20 years in implementing demand planning and capacity constrained product planning solutions), so am interested in hearing about additional Anaplan cases / applications our customers have implemented.


Hi everyone!

Thank you @MichaelD for hosting this UG.

  • I'm all in with Supply Chain and Anaplan, having worked with the platform since July 2016. My specialty is retail, having 30 years experience in that industry.
  • I got my introduction at Ralph Lauren, under the insistence form the VP of Applications that I attend the 3 day launchpad training.
  • I never looked back.
  • A year ago I began studying in earnest to become a Master Anaplanner and in January 2020, I finally earned that special badge.
  • Really looking forward to participating and being part of the Supply Chain UG.

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Jared Dolich
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I am in Colombia working i LatinoAmerica SCM community


I found Anaplan in an article about covid-19 vaccine planning, very very interesting

Currently I work Blockchain in SCM in the part of Planning of Supply Chains and financial impacts, and also control towers for SC

I would like to see how to apply collaborative planning with Anaplan and discuss its advantages and implications.

Community Manager

Welcome! Great to hear that you found Anaplan. I hope your time in the program is helpful for your understanding of the platform. You may also find it beneficial to engage in some of the conversations on the Platform forums, as well as join some other Groups that may be of interest to you, such as Supply Chain. Glad you're here!