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If you are unable to access Anaplan, there are several possible causes. This guide will walk you through some of them and assist you in troubleshooting your issue. If you continue to experience difficulty accessing Anaplan, please contact Customer Support  via email, phone, or chat.  As a starting point, please ensure: you know your login credentials. (If you are unsure of your credentials or believe you may have forgotten them, please see My email address or password is not correct below.) you are using the correct login URL: Please locate the statement below that best describes your situation and attempt the troubleshooting steps that follow. My email address or password is not correct.  Ensure that you are using the email address that is registered within Anaplan. Check with your workspace administrator to verify that your email address has been registered and is the correct address.  Attempt to reset your password using the Forgot password? link on the login page. If you are unable to successfully reset your password and log in, please contact Support. I requested a password reset, but the reset link I received is not working. Your internet browser may have cached corrupted or outdated data. Try clearing your browser's cache, attempt logging in with a different browser, or even reinstall your browser.  I am receiving an "account locked" message. You have attempted to log in with the incorrect credentials too many times. Please attempt to reset your password using  the   Forgot password?   link  on the login page. Contact Support if you do not know or cannot remember your login credentials. I am receiving an "account inactive" message. Your  account has been marked as "inactive." Please contact your workspace administrator to request access to at least one model in order to reactivate your account. When I log in, I do not have access to any models and/or any workspaces. If you do not currently have access to models or workspaces, please contact your workspace administrator directly to request access. Unable to access Anaplan as web session is either being redirected or certificate information isn't matching. Access the model via launchpad, do not use a bookmarked URL. 
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Background As many Anaplan users know, running large calculations or large imports/exports can, in certain instances have, a significant memory overhead on the Anaplan service. When this happens the Anaplan service needs to free up memory in order to remain healthy. Some users may have received the "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page in the past, which indicates the server is under particularly heavy load and is working to free up memory. New Changes As part of Anaplan's continued investment in its infrastructure, we are making changes which will affect the behaviour when the above scenario occurs. The "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page will be phased out, and no longer be seen by users. Instead, there will be a different experience, depending on where in the platform you are: Scenario 1 When the service is under heavy load, and you click a model from Launchpad you will not progress past the page shown in the screenshot. If you encounter this screen, please retry accessing your model in a couple of minutes. If this continues, please contact Anaplan Support and provide the workspace and model you are trying to access. A screenshot of what you are encountering will also be useful to help us diagnose. Scenario 2 When the service is under heavy load and you are working in a model, you will see the request load continuously until the service is able to process it. In this case, you will no longer receive an error message and requests will complete in due course, allowing you to continue working with minimal disruption. If you encounter this scenario, please wait a few minutes to allow the service to recover. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Support. If either of the above scenarios continues for longer than 20 minutes, you may receive a page displaying "504 Gateway Time-out". If this is the case, please contact Support with information on the workspace and model you are working in. Anaplan Support may need to restart your service in which case you could temporarily receive a "502 Bad Gateway" page until the restart completes.
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Question When I log in I see the message "You Have Successfully Logged in to Frontdoor" and a blank screen. What should I do? Answer If you experience this message but still cannot log in, attempt to log in again using this URL: If you're unable to load this hyperlink, try clearing your browser cache. You can find instructions for clearing the cache of each major browser here. Once you have cleared your cache, relaunch your browser and attempt to log in again using the link above. If clearing the cache doesn't allow you to load the hyperlink, then you may need to attempt to log in via a different browser or try logging in on a different workstation. If either of those are successful, you should inform your company's IT department that your PC is having local issues. They should be able to diagnose and resolve your concern. If your company's IT department confirms there is no issue on their end, please contact Anaplan Support for additional assistance.
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These are some common questions regarding copying models. Please review the information below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot your issue. If after doing so you still have questions or experience difficulties, please contact Support. How can an Anaplan user move a model between a customer’s workspaces? The user must be the workspace administrator on both the source and target workspaces. To copy a model, follow these steps from the : Click Customer and select the customer. Click Manage Models and select the target workspace. Under Model Management, click Import. The Import Model dialog displays. Enter the name of the model to be imported. The Source should be Anaplan/Production. Click OK. A model needs to be moved between different workspaces (e.g., partner and customer), or vice versa. How can I do this? Open a Support case by emailing and include the following information: Source Model name or GUID Source Workspace name or GUID Target Model name or GUID Target Workspace name or GUID I am not sure if a model belongs to a Customer or Partner workspaces. Can you help? Please reach out to support via
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