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Early preparation helps humanoid testing go smoothly. To prepare:

  • The customer and business partner should agree which actions are included in the testing script and the steps the testers will follow.
  • Simplicity is important; include no more than 10 to 20 steps to complete in a script.
  • Make the test scripts comprehensive, but not so exhaustive that the testers become bored with the process and lose interest.
  • Write the scripts from the previous sprint as part of the current sprint process (example, in sprint two write the scripts that apply to the user stories from sprint one).
  • Have testable data loaded in advance.
  • Determine the role and selective access levels needed for testing and assign appropriate testers to each role.
  • Create a presentation used to guide the users on the day of the test.
  • Be sure all participants are online - including the testers, the project team, and the Anaplan consultants.
  • Provide basic Anaplan end user training prior to testing to reduce the amount of “bugs” reported because testers don’t understand how the system works.
  • Make sure consultants are looking at Splunk reports and the server log files are evaluated throughout the testing process.
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how do you look at the splunk reports and server logs?