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    Think you are ready to harness data to make better decisions?  This event is a collaborative effort between BlaBlaCar and Anaplan. We will walk you through the beginning of your exciting Anaplan journey. You will learn the basics of Anaplan and gain hands-on experience during this 1-day interactive workshop. Event Presented by: In the morning, David Grimbert Head of FP&A of Blablacar will explain the main concepts of a marketplace (how it works, main KPI, budgeting principles and more) and in the afternoon, together with David and Julien Duplantier Anaplan Solution Consultant, you will create a simple Anaplan model based on a BlaBlaCar use case. Event Objectives: after the training, you will be able to: • Explain the construction of blocks of Anaplan • Access and use Anaplan's basic building features • Explain the principles of design and translate a simple functional need into an Anaplan model • Manually import data into lists and modules • Use the "Blueprint" view to add and format data • Create basic formulas within and between modules • Design and create dashboards   As a participant of this event, you will have a 30-day access to an Anaplan Workspace and training which will give you the resources needed to earn an Anaplan Certificate. Getting Started with Anaplan Step 1: Sign the required Temporary Access and Use Agreement * to get your individual workspace for continued training after the one-day event you must sign the Temporary Access and Use Agreement and email it to Within 48 hours of Anaplan receiving your signed document, you will be sent an  email from Anaplan ( giving you instructions on how to access your workspace. Step 2: Setting up your Access to the Anaplan Community Step 3: Setting up your Anaplan Environment (Workspace) Step 4: Starting Your Anaplan Training Here you will be given detailed instructions on how to access the learning center. Recommended courses are as follows: 100: Customer Orientation (40 minutes) 101: Foundations (25 minutes) 102: Introduction to Model Building  (est. 15-25 hours) - You will earn your Anaplan Certificate 201: Intermediate Model Building (est 6-9 hours) - If you are feeling extra motivated this is a great additional class Learn more about Anaplan Learn about Anaplan Learn how our customers are using Anaplan Learn about Anaplan Careers *Interested in getting Anaplan incorporated into your university class? Reach out to to express interest.  Learn more about BlaBlaCar  Learn about BlaBlaCar Learn how BlaBlaCar uses Anaplan Learn about BlaBlaCar Careers
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