If you're ready to build UX for your organization, take a look at our e-Learning course, as well as micro-lessons available to get quick "how-to" tutorials on the different UX features.


To get started learning about the UX, take this 90-minute course which covers the basic procedures for using and building out the best user experience. This course includes additional exercises and opportunities for practice to get you ready to take your user experience to the next level!

Already completed the e-learning but need a quick refresher on pointed topics? Take a look at our micro-lessons - "byte-sized" tutorials on specific features – below! We also have documentation for the UX in Anapedia.

Lessons for Everyone
Lessons for Everyone

You are curious about the UX and how it can help impact your organization. We have identified six courses to get you started in the UX.

Best Practices

Develop a cohesive strategy for Anaplan roles with this visual comparison of Model Builder, Page Builder, and MyPages capabilities. Read Full Article
New Best Practice! This article works through how to manage the product lifecycle (governance, development, and maintenance) of your models, as well as apps built in the New UX. Read Full Article
Forms are a new input mechanism added to the Anaplan UX that allow you to create simple, intuitive input forms that feel familiar to end users and submit data directly into your models.  Read Full Article

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