UK Modelers Forum - Less than a week to go!

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UK Modelers Forum - Less than a week to go!

Hi all, 


Happy Friday! 


Less than a week to go before the next Modelers Forum UK Event! Join @Paul and @CatherineH and share ideas and knowledge about the Anaplan platform!


You'll get to talk about a range of topics including best practice model building, use cases and how they influence our decision making, problem solving and even the product roadmap.


When is the event? 

Sep. 29 2021, 16:00


How can I attend? 

Register at the link below:


How do I become part of the Modelers Forum UK Community Group? 

Sign up at the link: 


Hope to see you all there!

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Will @CatherineH be able to control @Paul ?

It'll be a really good discussion no doubt!