Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

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Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27


Less than three weeks to go before the London User Group (Nov 27)!

If you haven't already registered, click here.

Just a reminder that this is a customer-only event.

The venue is Liverpool Street – Norton Folgate:

Bishopsgate Court
4-12 Norton Folgate
E1 6DQ

The day is organised as below:

  • 10am-12:30pm: optional drop-in sessions (we'll have 3-4 tables on different topics: Excel add-in, Workflow, mobile...). You can come in if you want to discuss a specific problem, learn more about a new functionality or discuss what you want to see in the platform in the future..). 
  • 12:30pm-13:30pm: Lunch
  • 13:30pm-17:30pm: Traditional User Group
  • After 17:30pm: Drinks Reception

In the afternoon session we'll cover:

  1. Intro - Agenda
  2. Quiz (with prizes for the winners)
  3. New Features / Best Practices 
  4. General Roadmap
  5. Hypercare
  6. Optimiser
  7. Networking Break
  8. Community update
  9. New UI
  10. Master Anaplanner Program
  11. Q&A Session

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!



P.S. Just in case you read until here and you haven't registered yet... here is the link to the registration page.

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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Hi Michele, Can you please confirm if it is worth confirming a place for the drop in sessions, as I am keen to learn how to get the Anaplan connector working with our system, among other items. Rather than just waiting in a line I didn't know if I could just book a particular time window. Also are there any other key topics that we could get ahead start on. Many thanks Richard
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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Hi Richard, 


Thanks for the question.


The whole UK CS team will be around in the morning and we will have specific features of the platform to demo and discuss. We will also have a generic guru zone for any model building or ad hoc support needed. I expect the morning sessions not to be too busy but happy to get a specific time and person booked in for you to ensure you get the answer you are looking for. What time suits you best between 10 and 12.30? 


When you say Anaplan Connector do you mean Anaplan Connect or Hyperconnect? If you have it on your laptop then it might be worth bringing that along too. Otherwise we can talk you through the normal process in general.


Hope this clarifies things


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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Thanks Laurence,


I meant Anaplan Connect.

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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

OK cool!


We will be able to answer any questions on this.



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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Hope everyone is as excited as I am for next week!


I just wanted to share the morning topics in case you are able to attend. These will be very informal and will allow you to talk directly with the CS team and get support and demos on specific issues. If you want to bring along a problem then fell free. We are not expecting a huge number of people in the morning so you should get special treatment!


The areas we a planning on covering (but are not limited to) are:


Excel Add-In



Anaplan Connect


General Model Building

User Research

New UI and Mobile Hands on Access!!


Looking forward to seeing you all there!




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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Another really good User Group session @laurence & @michele_spampat (or Italian Stalion as he'll always now be known!)

Where the platform is going and what it's achieved over the last year was really useful, as was the table discussion on what we're using Anaplan for / biggest issues. Notice that the replies have been published will be interesting to see how much overlap there is.

Needs to continue being a different proposition to the main Hub event with perhaps less from Anaplan and more from us as customers in terms of content. Maybe around the new product developments and how we're finding them... sort of this is what's been done and now here's X from Y company saying how they've used it? Be particularly good on the new UI that's coming in

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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Always a pleasure!!


I echo your points Andrew and would love the user community to drive the agenda and the discussion going forward. It is very hard to get a good balance of bast practice and product roadmap but it is important that you get lots out of the user group.


If you or anyone wants to help take this on (as per the Monthly evenings we are trying to set up) then we will be able to  suport as best we can.




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Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Laurence - will you allow partners to participate in the monthly events?  The partner community is doing some amazing things with Anaplan and sharing it with all clients makes perfect sense.  The US user groups include partners to showcase the great models being created within Anaplan.


Re: Venue and Agenda Topics for Nov 27

Agreed, it would be great if partners could participate