Anaplan Student Ambassadors

The Anaplan Student Ambassador program is a leadership opportunity for students to represent Anaplan on campus. As an ambassador, you will gain real-world work experience by connecting with Anaplan staff, partners, and customers. 

shutterstock_218235067.jpgAnaplan Student Ambassadors educate faculty and fellow students on the benefits of the Anaplan platform and its ability to transform the business world. Sharpen and promote your skills, and network with business professionals and others who are passionate about technology.

Why apply?

  • Build your resume
  • Refine your public speaking skills
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Expand your professional network

What does an Anaplan Student Ambassador do?

  • Assist Anaplan during university events 

  • Develop an expanded knowledge of Anaplan
  • Create Anaplan awareness and excitement on campus
  • Attend local Anaplan events
  • Be featured with a student ambassador profile

Ambassadors will gain leadership skills, professional experience, and connections in the industry to help in their career search. Individuals with a strong interest in student leadership and a drive for professional development are amongst the most common members of the Anaplan University Ambassador program. We are looking for people who are passionate about helping fellow students develop job-relevant and in-demand skill sets. 

Steps to joining the University Connect Ambassador Program:

Submit application

Complete a series of questions that help us better know you, your current engagements, and why you should be selected.You must currently be enrolled into a degree seeking program and be interested in asssiting with the facilitation of a Anaplan program. 


Applicants will be vetted by our Community and University Connect team. Please be available for phone interviews and further evaluation.

To express interest in becoming an Anaplan Student Ambassador fill out the below.

Phone Number  


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