Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What are the costs associated with participating in the University Connect Program?

The program is entirely free. There are zero costs to the student and/or university. Anaplan strongly believes in the benefits of investing in our future generations of leaders and business professionals. 

How can I get my university involved? 

Have your instructor reach out to use to discuss the most appropriate partnership for his or her course. 

If my university doesn't have a current partnership can I still get involved?

Absolutely! We can get you set up as an individual student learner. Contact us at for more information



What is the Individual student curriculum?

You will gain access to our on-demand model building training. 

What curriculum is offered for partnering universities?

Each university may have a unique approach to how Anaplan is incorporated into their courses and projects. 


Student Ambassador Program

What is an Anaplan Student Ambassador?

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are interested in representing Anaplan on campus and at local events. If you are passionate about technology and like to speak about it, this is the opportunity for you. 

What does an Anaplan Student Ambassador do?

You will be expected to learn an expanded knowledge of Anaplan, assist Anaplan during university events, create Anaplan awareness and excitement on campus, attend local Anaplan events and customer user groups, earn the Anaplan Student Ambassador certificate and be featured on our community site as an Anaplan Student Ambassador.

How do I become an Anaplan Student Ambassador?

We are looking for self-motivated student Ambassadors to join our growing team. At Anaplan we believe in hard work, having fun and bringing excellence to everything we do. If this is you, fill out the online application.


Still have questions?

Contact us at for more answers to your frequently asked questions.

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