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Think you are ready to harness data to make better decisions? This exciting opportunity is a collaborative effort between the Kelley School of Business, Allitix Consulting and Anaplan. You will learn the basics of Anaplan and have the opportunity to gain hands-on training and earning a career impacting sought after credential.


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As a part of this opportunity, you will have a 45-day access to an Anaplan Workspace and training which will give you the resources needed to earn an Anaplan Certificate.


Getting Started with Anaplan

Step 1: Getting Anaplan access to get your individual workspace. You must email to request access. Within 48 business hours, you will be sent an email from Anaplan ( giving you instructions on how to get started.

Step 2: Setting up your Access to the Anaplan Community

Step 3: Setting up your Anaplan Environment (Workspace)

Step 4: Starting Your Anaplan Training


Here you will be given detailed instructions on how to access the learning center. You will not be able to access all these courses until you have complete steps 1,2, and 3 above. Recommended courses are as follows:

  1. 100: Customer Orientation (40 minutes)
  2. 101: Foundations (25 minutes)
  3. 102: Introduction to Model Building (est. 15-25 hours) - You will earn your Anaplan Certificate
  4. 201: Intermediate Model Building (est 6-9 hours) 

Learn more about Anaplan

Learn about Anaplan

Learn how our customers are using Anaplan

Learn about Anaplan Careers


Learn more about Allitix  

Learn about Allitix Consulting

Learn how Allitix Assisted with Cerner’s Anaplan implementation for its core FP&A process

Learn about Allitix Career


*Interested in getting Anaplan incorporated into other university classes? Reach out to to express interest. 

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