Planning Your Partnership

StarterPlan lets you get started quickly and effectively. ExpandedPlan offers extra licenses, structure, support, and workspace for larger partnerships, and CustomPlan allows you to design the partnership to meet your exact needs. Each partnership is designed to be dynamic, collaborative and easily incorporated into your university. See which path is right for you.

Up to 50 Licenses
Up to 200 Licenses
Customizable Licenses
500 MB Anaplan Workspace
16 GB Anaplan Workspace
Customizable Anaplan Workspace
Online Support
Online and In-Person Support
Support Provided to Fit Your Needs
FP&A Learning Track
FP&A + 2 Additional Learning Tracks
Learning Tracks You Design 

Plan: Quick. Effective. Impactful.  

With StarterPlan, you can quickly get your university started with building the skills they need to be digitally competitive. You get to decide your target due dates for each step through the learning process and from start to finish you will have access to Anaplan support through online resources, email, and phone support.

EXPANDEDPlan: Dynamic. Collaborative. Intelligent.  

With ExpandedPlan, you can easily connect your curriculum with the Anaplan platform. From start to finish you will have access to Anaplan experts, office hours, support through online resources, email and phone support to help you meet your targeted goals. Students learn by solving an FP&A, Supply Chain and Marketing case study. Through this process, learners will demonstrate competencies by applying knowledge to every day, professional situations. 

CUSTOMPlan: Creative. Flexible. Inovative.  

With CustomPlan, you create the program that works best for your students and your university. With our support, you define the program, curriculum, and outcome and we'll be there to support you from start to finish. 

Let Us Support You

We can help you navigate Anaplan’s online learning environment and assist you with any technical issues.

 Learner support includes:

  • A self-paced online orientation that introduces you to Anaplan’s online learning path
  • Technical support
  • Online support blogs
  • FAQs
  • Email and phone support
  • Support in accessing other Anaplan resources

Let Us Guide You

Registration – As you begin your learning path, our Anaplan experts are here to guide you by providing information about the courses, the online learning experience, and Anaplan careers.  

Learning Path - We will provide you with a recommended learning path and course sequence to keep your students on track to success.

Let Us Share Our Resources

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Call 651.428.1746 or email to speak with a program manager to learn more about partnerships and learning paths.

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