Currently in design and development.
Two months out or more.

In Development
Currently in final stages of testing.
Expected to be about a month out.

Ready for Launch/ Recently Released
Development and testing is complete.
Targeted for the next release. Or in most recent release

Feature Description Status
Feature Description Status
Process Workflow

Anaplan’s new Workflow features will help you connect the people with the processes and data that power your enterprise. Configure your processes with the new process builder to engage users in active cycles with automatic platform notifications and emails.

Feature Description Status
Quick Filter

A new filter type to allow intuitive easy filtering of a column or row on a grid dashboard.

New UI: Boards

A new page layout type that is designed to deliver a dashboard experience for consuming high-level metrics and key information, and navigating to more detail.

New UI: Everyone can create, save and share Personal Boards

Builders create boards for end users in a Business Application. End users can edit and save boards into their own space.

New UI: Grid Page

A new grid page which is designed for lookin at lots of data in large grids, with a contextual panel on the right hand side for related visualisations and a series of connect views so you can easily see related data for a next generation planning and analysis experience.

New grid component providing improved scrolling performance on large grids as part of the New UI Boards and Grid Page

New grid component for modules and dashboards.Improved scrolling performance on large grids

Expand and collapse functionality will be added to lists on rows as part of the New UI grids

Expand and collapse functionality added to lists on rows for modules and dashboard grids. Full end-user control over which levels / sections are expanded and which are collapsed

New UI: New Landing Page and Navigation experience.

We are creating the new UI with a new look and feel, it will be Bold and Visually appealing. When you land in the new UI there will be a new approach to Navigation for find the right place to do your work which our research suggests you will be much better and easier for users. It includes Search, Favourites and Recent Pages.

New UI: Forms

A dedicated page of form fields for easy data entry.

New UI: Mobile

A web client optimised for mobile to suit key use cases.

Feature Description Status
Feature Description Status
Feature Description Status
Enhancement to /exports Endpoint

Enhancements for providing more export action metadata in /exports/<export id> API call.

Feature Description Status
Revert to earlier revision

Revert a model to a previous revision whilst preserving the data

Scalability/ Performance

Improvements to import performance for larger models. Scale out for larger models- unrestricted by current JVM. Less Blocking Export enhancements. Less blocking imports

Feature Description Status
Excel: Connect To Views

Build ad hoc module selections - A user is able to connect to a module, define the dimension orientation and filter the line items they require all within Excel.Performant data retrieval - A new mid tier API infrastructure has been delivered specifically to enable rapid retrieval of large volumes of data from Anaplan.Page selectors - The Anaplan toolbar enables you to quickly switch between pages and refresh your view of a connection in Excel.Single sheet by default - We no longer extract data over multiple sheets, with the new toolbar this is no longer needed.No cell comments - Cell comments ruined a users interaction with Excel when using the Excel V2.6 so we have got rid of these./p>

Excel: Write back from Excel to Anaplan

Many customers have built up business processes around this capability of the V2.6 add in and so we must look to support them in the new add in The feature will enable customer to use the Excel add-in as a method of contributing data back into Anaplan.

Excel: Roll Time Period

When a user creates a report pack using the Excel add-in it is either for ad hoc purposes, or a recurring  deliverable This feature will enable a customer to take a set of reports created over a number of sheets and roll on all the time periods in the sheet by a defined period reducing the time required to update report packs created in Excel with Anaplan data.

Excel: Pivot Views

This feature will allow a user to connect directly to a saved view, and if needed, pivot and filter that data within Excel. This feature will make ad hoc analysis of Anaplan data connections in Excel even more accessible.

PowerPoint V1.5

For the first release of the new PowerPoint add in we will move the current version over to the new API to enable more performant requests.The new version of the PowerPoint add in will make use of the new mid tier API infrastructure thus enabling rapid retrieval of large volumes of data into PowerPoint.

Feature Description Status
Cloud Security

Access Control – Workspace Administration. Self-Service SAML. The role of Workspace Administrator is to be assigned within the Tenant Administration module by the user with the Tenant Administrator Role