How do I host a User Group event or in-person meetup?

As a customer of Anaplan, you are eligible to host a User Group Meetup. We ask that you have been a member of the Anaplan Community for at least six months and have attended at least two previous User Group Meetups before hosting your own meetup.

Why should I host a User Group Meetup?

User Groups are your opportunity to connect with other Anaplan users in your area. Hosting a meetup gives you the opportunity to network with peers, elevate your company and personal brand awareness, and lead the agenda to focus on topics relevant to you. As a host, you’ll actively contribute to building valuable relationships and growing your knowledge base, and you'll gain valuable insight and support. Remember to continue the conversation in the Community all year long!

What can I expect as a meetup host?

Meetups are generally held quarterly or bi-annually depending on the region. However, you are not required to host every time. We encourage multiple hosts per area each year.

Some of the responsibilities of a host include the following:

  • Determine meeting date and request meetup
  • Secure a location for the meetup
  • Send invitations and promote the meetup
  • Invite guest speaker(s) (if you’d like)
  • Create meeting agenda
  • Order snacks and beverages
  • Plan post-event networking, if desired

How to request a meetup?

If you have any questions about hosting or if you would like to request a meetup please feel free to reach out to

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