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FAQs about the User Groups program.
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User Group FAQ

What is a User Group?

A User Group is a space for people with similar interests, issues, or objectives to collaborate and share their Connected Planning journeys. User Groups are typically free to attend or join and are open to all.

There are three methods for engaging with Anaplan's User Groups.

  • In-person User Group events provide an opportunity to connect with other Anaplan user and Anaplan experts to discuss model-building tips and tricks, platform updates, use cases, and best practices. Our upcoming events are listed on the main User Groups page. If you would like to request an event near you, please email
  • User Groups in the Community are dedicated spaces in the Anaplan Community for users to interact at any time of year. These spaces are centered around specific geographic regions as well as various industries, interests, and lines of business. Ask questions, share best practices, and learn how others are using Anaplan. If you would like to request a new group, please email
  • User Groups Live! is Anaplan's virtual global meetup where you can experience the best of what User Groups have to offer—expert presenters, live Q&A, and exciting announcements—from the comfort of your home or office. Learn more here
How much of a time commitment is required?

User Groups are designed to help you in your Connected Planning journey. There is no minimum required time commitment; your level of involvement is up to you based on your desired outcome. However, those who ask frequent questions, attend User Group events regularly, and contribute often to conversations with other group members in the Community tend to find more value in their User Group memberships. 

As a starting point, we recommend you check in with your User Group in the Community at least once per week to keep the conversations going and ensure you don’t miss any valuable information. You can also subscribe to updates from your group to make sure you are notified when new discussions take place!

Individuals interested in serving as User Group Leaders should expect a somewhat larger time commitment, particularly when coordinating a User Group event. 

I do not see a User Group listed for my region or area of interest. How can I request one?

A new User Group requires two things before we will create it:

  1. A User Group Leader. Each Anaplan User Group requires a person or team willing to facilitate the group. This includes managing the User Group space in the Community as well as working to set up and host in-person events periodically throughout the year. Anaplan's User Groups team will work with Leaders to support their efforts and ensure the success of their group, including providing resources, training, and incentives. When you submit your User Group creation request, please let us know if you would be willing to consider leading the group; if not, we will attempt to help locate an alternate Leader.
  2. Local Membership Support. A User Group needs members! Before we create a group, we need to ensure there are enough individuals locally to participate in the group and maintain its momentum. You can help ensure this critical mass either by asking other interested Anaplan users to submit a similar request to yours, or by hosting a successful local kickoff meetup. 

We will walk you through all of this when you submit your User Group request. To start the process, simply email to let us know which region or area of interest you would like to request a User Group for. 

How do I host a User Group event or in-person meetup?

As a customer of Anaplan, you are eligible to host a User Group Meetup. We ask that you have been a member of the Anaplan Community for at least six months and have attended at least two previous User Group Meetups before hosting your own meetup.

Why should I host a User Group Meetup?

User Groups are your opportunity to connect with other Anaplan users in your area. Hosting a meetup gives you the opportunity to network with peers, elevate your company and personal brand awareness, and lead the agenda to focus on topics relevant to you. As a host, you’ll actively contribute to building valuable relationships and growing your knowledge base, and you'll gain valuable insight and support. Remember to continue the conversation in the Community all year long!

What can I expect as a meetup host?

Meetups are generally held quarterly or bi-annually depending on the region. However, you are not required to host every time. We encourage multiple hosts per area each year.

Some of the responsibilities of a host include the following:

  • Determine meeting date and request meetup
  • Secure a location for the meetup
  • Send invitations and promote the meetup
  • Invite guest speaker(s) (if you’d like)
  • Create meeting agenda
  • Order snacks and beverages
  • Plan post-event networking, if desired

How to request a meetup?

If you have any questions about hosting or if you would like to request a meetup please feel free to reach out to

How do I request a User Group event or in-person meetup?

If you'd like to see an in-person User Group event happen near you, please email and let us know! Please mention if your company would be willing to help facilitate in some way (e.g., hosting, sponsoring, presenting, etc.).

What is the ideal number of members needed to host a User Group?

The goal of Anaplan User Groups is to encourage and facilitate connections among Anaplan users. This could be as simple as an informal discussion with 2 or 3 others over coffee about a shared model-building challenge or as large as a quarterly regional gathering with 100+ attendees and four hours of presentations!

That said, while there is no minimum number required to host a User Group, we recommend having at least 10 members commit to attending if you plan to have a presentation or offer a social gathering after.



How do I become a User Group leader?

We are always looking for passionate, dedicated Anaplan users who are interested in leading their local User Group. We are currently working on creating more resources and incentives for leaders, so if you think you may be interested in getting involved, now is a good time! Please email to let us know of your interest. 

I am a new Anaplan customer. Can I still lead an Anaplan User Group?

Yes! You don't have to be an Anaplan expert to help bring Anaplanners together. We are simply looking for users who are excited about the platform and dedicated to creating points of connection for other local Anaplan users who want to learn and grow.

We are currently working on creating more resources and incentives for leaders, so if you think you may be interested in getting involved, now is a good time! Please email to let us know of your interest. 

How does Anaplan support the User Group program?

The User Groups team consists of two full time Anaplan employees dedicated to the User Groups program. You can reach them with questions or concerns at

The User Groups team also ensures that each User Group has at least one dedicated User Group Leader assigned to it. These leaders help moderate discussions in the Community and facilitate the creation of User Group events for their assigned groups. User Group Leaders receive training, resources, and incentives provided by Anaplan's User Groups team in order to support their efforts and ensure group success. Please email us at the address above if you would be interested in serving as a User Group Leader!

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions about User Groups that are not addressed here, please email us at