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Session: New UX and Roadmap

Since there wasn't a topic started yet and I have some questions...


  1. We have cases where we aren't able to dimension modules by everythig that we would like. Instead, we have to create a user-selected input box where the users make selections for time periods, products, etc... How do the new UX dashboards work with this? Or is there a solution in the works that removes the 130GB size limitation and thus the problems associated with sparcity?
  2. We've been told that existing dashboard won't go away once the new UX goes live. Is it expected that standard dashboards will always still have a place or that they will ultimately be completely phased out?
  3. A lot of current dashboards have certain navigational elements or instructional text boxes - are we thinking that these won't be needed in the same way with the new UX?



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Re: Session: New UX and Roadmap