Welcome! Introduce Yourself

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Welcome! Introduce Yourself

Welcome to User Groups Live! The livestream event isn't until March 21st, but you can start interacting and networking with other registrants now.

Take a few seconds to introduce yourself. Some possible tidbits to include might be:

  • Where you live
  • Where you work
  • How long you have been using Anaplan (or if you are still considering it!)
  • What you hope to get out of User Groups Live!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

New Contributor

Hi Everyone,


My name is Shen, I am based on Los Angeles. Had the greast opportunity to work on Anaplan platform for 3 years now since my previous employer(Consumer products/Ecom) and current employer(Logistics and Supply Chain service). I got my master anaplaner certificate the first week when I started to work on building anaplan models. Have to say, get to know anaplan and learning the platform has been a great journey in my career. I can always come up with new ideas and better process to utilize the tool to solve real challenging problems!


Most of my user cases are in FPA/Financial consolidation and daily business planning/data intergaration.

Hope can get to know all other anaplaners here and continue to grow my knowledge base!


Nice to meet you all!



Community Manager

Hi, Shen! It's always amazing to see the diverse variety of ideas people have to share about how they use Anaplan. It should make for some great interaction at User Groups Live! Glad you're planning to join us—and congratulations on your Master Anaplanner certification!

Certified Master Anaplanner

Hi everyone! This is Anton from Moscow! I'm with Anaplan for 2+ years with focusing on FPA! Working for consulting company and implementing Anaplan for our clients!  I'm enjoying with Anaplan flexibility and simplicty, love to model in Anaplan!

Thank you for organizing such events!

Community Manager

Welcome, Anton - We love that you love to model in Anaplan, and we're excited to have you join the event today!

Occasional Contributor

Hi Shen,

I'm Simon Chen working for DXC. I'm curious about how to get a Master Anaplaner certificate because I also want to get one, too. But the learning courses online only provide beginner and intermediate certificate. Master's is for anaplan employees and partners only.
L3 Model Builder
Actively looking for a job
Can work remotely
Frequent Contributor

Hi Simon,

I'm glad to hear of your interest becoming a Master Anaplanner, as the certification is available for Customers too! Here are the eligibility requirements for Customers: 

1. Minimum 1-year of experience with the Anaplan platform

     • Experience can be with multiple employers

2. Must be active within the Anaplan platform

     • Defined by the median of edits per month for the last six months

3. Must complete required training

     • Courses 102, 201, 140, and 341 in the Anaplan Learning Center

When you're ready, you can apply online. We look forward to recieving your application! 

Please check out the above links and let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me via Community message or at MasterAnaplanners@Anaplan.com. 



Occasional Contributor

Hi! My name is Jamie and I started using Anaplan since july 16 as a model builder (consulting). Not too long ago I moved to a SaaS company in the bay area (where I work and live) as a systems analyst for all our Anaplan finance user cases. we have very diverse Anaplan use cases adopted by different teams (controllership, FP&A and treasury) so I'm lucky to have the opportunity to learn many facets of business operations through Anaplan. 


Hope I'll connect with as many of Anaplanners and I'd like to learn the best practice, both technical and functional, such as, how at your company Anaplan is leveraged to maximize it's value? Also I'm working on my Master Anaplanner certificate and hope to meet anaplanners who have achieved/working on the certificate.

Community Manager

Hi Jamie! We have quite a few Master Anaplanners—and future Master Anaplanners like yourself—who have registered to attend, so you should definitely be able to connect with others about it! We'll see you tomorrow for the event. 🙂

Occasional Contributor

Hello everyone! 


I am from Charlotte, NC and work in the FP&A group at American Tire Distributors.  We implemented Anaplan approx. 1 ½ years ago and to date have 6 active models and expect to launch #7 in a few weeks.  Every day is a learning experience for me.  I am excited to connect with other users to see how they are using the platform and learn more ways to optimize our models. 

Community Manager

Hi Elyse! 

Launching #7 in a few weeks—that's exciting! Every day truly is a learning experience, and we hope you learn a lot from our panel tomorrow.