Welcome! Introduce Yourself

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Welcome! Introduce Yourself

Welcome to User Groups Live! The livestream event isn't until March 21st, but you can start interacting and networking with other registrants now.

Take a few seconds to introduce yourself. Some possible tidbits to include might be:

  • Where you live
  • Where you work
  • How long you have been using Anaplan (or if you are still considering it!)
  • What you hope to get out of User Groups Live!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Kate Kline from Rentokil Initial in Reading, PA here.  I've been using Anaplan for less than 3 months, but it looks like a great tool so far.  I'm currently hiring for a Senior Financial Analyst role on my team which will primarily be an Anaplan administrator role at least in the short term with a lot of opportunity for role growth in the future.  If anyone is interested, please reach out!


Thanks for including me in the group.


Best regards,



Community Manager

Welcome, Kate! As a new user of Anaplan, this will be a great opportunity for you to learn and connect. We're looking forward to having you join the event tomorrow!

Group Leader - Employee

Hello Everyone, 


I am so excited about the Live User Group tomorrow. I live in a small historic town in Minnesota called Stillwater. I started working with Anaplan almost three years ago and it was the best decision of my career. If you have met me before you will have heard me say that I have the best job at Anaplan. I really do. I created the Anaplan University Connect program and it's been quite an exciting adventure.


The University Connect program connects Anaplan, educational institutions, customers and our consulting partners with the goal to help students develop skills that will allow them to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes in the business world as well as add an extremely high demand skillset to their portfolio.


You will hear from Heather Matthews, the Sr Global Direct of the University and Business Connect programs during the user group. Stay tuned! You won't want to miss it. 


Interested in collaborating on the University program? I'd love to hear from you. 







Community Manager

Welcome, Noelle! Thanks for the great introduction to the University Connect program. We're looking forward to hearing more about it tomorrow. 

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Hi, I am Jen! 


I started entering the world of Anaplan one year ago, and still am amazed by Anaplan's power and flexibility when it comes to strategic model building. I started my career as a Salesforce Admin in the Sales Operations field, and now I am the Anaplan Model Builder/Admin in my company's Sales Ops team. We've been constantly expanding our Anaplan use cases and work cross-functionally with other teams to build models that won't just servce Sales Ops. 


I am excited to learn about users' use cases in their organizations. 



Community Manager

Hi, Jen! Thanks for sharing your story. "Amazed by Anaplan's power and flexibility" — it truly is amazing! We love to hear about your expanding use cases, and we're excited to have you join us for tomorrow's event

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Hello all,


This is Srikanth Gillala from Atlanta, GA. I started  learning Anaplan since January 2109, I have completed Basic Model Building course and started Intermediate Model Building last week. I have been working as a Salesforce developer/admin so far. 

I will be start building Forecast and Budgeting Model with data from Salesforce for my company soon. I'm looking forward to learn some tips and best practices from User Groups. 

Have a great day all !!


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Hi Srikanth! It sounds like you're just getting started with Anaplan. Tomorrow should have some great tips and tricks for you to expand your knowledge! Looking forward to having you join us then. 

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Dear All,


to be honest I never use or been expose to this framework before, therefore I am looking forward to have better knowledge of Anaplan program and how does it work in real life.

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Hi Jalchatt,

We're excited to have you join us tomorrow to learn more! There will be a lot of opportunity to both learn and interact. Looking forward to having you join us for the event.