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How are you getting your sports fix?

I'm a big sports junkie and right now, the lack of any live games and events in the foreseeable future is definitely testing my composure! However, there's actually a treasure trove of rewatchable content out there and certain leagues such as the NBA and MLB are providing full games for free, either on tv or online.

What have you been watching since sports leagues around the world have been put on hold? Have you found any old gems or classics to recommend? Perhaps good sports books or games to suggest?

This was a really good piece on Michael Phelps v. Ian Thorpe which got me into an Olympic swimming rabbit hole today and I've also been playing a ton of Out of the Park Baseball 21 as well. Both highly recommended!

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Re: How are you getting your sports fix?

Hey Miran,


This disruption has definitely taken a toll on my sports viewing too. I am a huge college basketball fan (Michigan State Alum), so I have been watching a lot of replays on the BIG10 network.


I have been enjoying the ESPN 30 for 30 features in my spare time. I would recommend those if you have not seen any!