Apps to align workforce planning and HR tactics toward future success
Project Revenue & Expense Planning
Easily create projects, assign resources, and track revenues and expenses with the Akili Project Revenue & Expense Planning App
Workforce Planning(JP)
Align your workforce plan with your business strategy to effectively manage your organization-wide talent needs with PwC's Workforce Planning app.
People Cost Forecasting
Forecast  people cost with high level of accuracy and enable multiple simulations to generate more precise insights
Workforce Planning for Engineering & Construction
Allitix’s E&C Workforce Planning app reduces the jumbled mess of spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards so management can better collaborate to reduce downtime.
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Anaplan's Workforce Planning app includes a comprehensive set of features and functionalities for planning at any company.
Automated User Security via Data Hub
This app is the data hub model where one can maintain all users and their respective roles and selective access rights across all downstream models.
Automated User Security via Cost Center
This app works in conjunction with the Automated User Security via Data Hub model (also in the App Hub).
Restaurant Workforce Planning
Leveraging predictive analytics, we forecast the main drivers of your restaurant labor. Then, using these drivers, a daily and weekly covers and sales forecast is created. Gain greater analysis in wh... 
Incentive Compensation Enablement Data Hub
This app will simulate the transferring of data and lists from a data hub into specific apps. In a real world implementation, one data hub will be used across many different functional apps to keep d... 
Incentive Compensation Enablement
This application showcases how to utilize modeling best practices in the context of the Incentive Compensation process. Data from a fictional electronics retailer is used to illustrate typical compen... 
Data Hub - Workforce Planning
This version of the Workforce Planning app contains the same functionality as the standard version, and in addition, connects to the Data Hub v1.0.0 and the other Data Hub connected apps. Download th... 
Compensation and Equity Modeling
In a competitive market place, you need to know the right total compensation mix to attract and retain top talent. Equity, base salary, bonus, perks—get creative. But you also need to work within a t... 
Global Compensation for Banking
The Anaplan Global Compensation for Banking app provides large banks with a scalable and agile planning and modeling platform, allowing reward teams to model out and optimize bonus pools and deferral... 
Planalot Time Control
Planalot’s Time Control is a small and simple to use app, which will help you keep track of your projects and help you with invoicing. On a weekly basis, you can register time spent on all of your pr... 
Succession Planning HR Solution
Anaplan for Succession Planning is designed with your “hire or promote” decision in mind, guiding you in your workforce bottom-up planning process. Identify skills requirements to accomplish business... 
Call Center Planning Software
The Call Center Planning app is an easy tool for staffing and planning at call centers. It uses the industry-standard Erlang-B and Erlang-C traffic models to answer questions like: How many agents do... 
Headcount and Payroll Planning
Headcount is expensive. It comprises as much as 80 percent of annual company expenses, so getting the headcount budget right is important. Anaplan takes the headcount and payroll planning process out... 
Now that you have found the best people to add to your workforce, what are you doing to keep them? Using Anaplan’s onboarding software, your organization can effectively plan and manage new hire enab... 
Salary Planning
The salary planning app provides a suite of base salary analyses to support periodic reward planning initiatives, including pay modelling, equal pay analysis, market benchmarking and performance mana... 
Resource Capacity Planning for Professional Services
This Resource Capacity Planning model provides a platform to plan and optimise resources based on the latest sales/services forecasts and budgets. The model collects forecasted services revenue and b... 
Predictive Labor Modeling (PLM)
Labor is often the largest cost in an organization, but is difficult to manage when business volumes are volatile or are sensitive to factors which cannot be predicted far in advance, such as weather...