Anaplan's New User Experience Designed for Optimal Planning

Have you heard? Anaplan’s New User Experience (New UX) is evolving. With a laser focus on the customer journey, the New UX is designed to make users’ lives easier by helping their business to run more smoothly and catering to better planning and decision making.

The New UX is currently available in the platform. With upcoming features being added regularly, Anaplan’s look, feel, and functionality will continually be enhanced. Watch the video here to learn more, and then explore all of the available resources below.

Latest Updates
Hi Anaplan,  It would be really useful if users could refresh dashboards in the new UX using a process or button or if functionality was integrated enabling user to refresh dashboards.The p...  Read Full Article
I have quite a few steps that require the users to hit refresh on the New UX. Does anyone know of a way to force page resets through an action of some sort?  Read Full Article
Seems that it is not possible to define which app is accessible or not for each user. Right now every user sees all apps even if data is not defined readable. It will be great if we could define...  Read Full Article
Recently I've been working on an implementation of Anaplan to a non-english speaking customer (portuguese in my case). As part of that journey I was very pleased with the fact that in the data import...  Read Full Article
Currently, the end user cannot change the order of list items displayed in columns/rows in the worksheet pages. In the old UX, while selecting items to show/hide, you can change the order of the list...  Read Full Article
I'm sure this is on the roadmap, but in New UX / UI Boards, I'd love to be able to float cards as pinned to a fixed screen location while other cards are allowed to scroll (for example, pinning a row...  Read Full Article
It would be really useful to have a snap to grid feature in both the new and old UX dashboards.New UXVertical snapping: currently none.Horizontal snapping: limited useability.Improvement: allow users...  Read Full Article
In the new UI, where do I access the 'Manage Models' function? I am able to switch back to the classic view and manage them their, but I was unable to locate in the new view... Read Full Article
Hi all, I wanted to just raise an issue I have encountered. When using the Show/Hide option in the New UX the list of items does not appear correctly. It looks exactly the same with line it...  Read Full Article
Mobile app I am facing a issue while using the Anaplan mobile app with the landscape view for image card, does the landscape view only applies to grid card?Please find the screenshots( includes:...  Read Full Article
Hi community, I'm working on a Workforce Optimisation tool, where End Users will select a location and the day of the week using the page selector on a page . Relevant information about the numb...  Read Full Article