Anaplan's New User Experience Designed for Optimal Planning

Have you heard? Anaplan’s user experience is evolving. With a laser focus on the customer journey, Anaplan's New User Experience (NUX) is designed to make users’ lives easier by helping their business to run more smoothly and catering to better planning and decision making.

The NUX is currently available in the platform. With upcoming features being added regularly, Anaplan’s look, feel, and functionality will continually be enhanced. The features of the NUX that enhance the original/classic dashboarding experience within Anaplan are covered in this post.

Latest Updates
We've made login to Anaplan mobile fast and convenient by enabling TouchID & FaceID for iOS devices. Read Full Article
Today's releases include some great new features: Two new conditional formatting options for your custom views A new page as part of the new Home experience, to give you even more access to your mod...  Read Full Article
Actions on cards The latest update to the New UX enables users to run actions from any type of card, increasing the number of ways they can interact with data. Read Full Article
The latest update to the New UX introduces the ability to duplicate apps. Before, you could duplicate a single page, but now you can duplicate them in bulk by duplicating an app. Read Full Article
Today's release introduces some exciting new methods to format and interact with your data:   Conditional formatting Worksheet grid context menu Board layout updates Context selector levels Sha...  Read Full Article
We're introducing an additional, higher level of permissions as part of the New UX.   This will enable you to restrict access to app pages within the New UX, based on the existing roles in the u...  Read Full Article
A new link has been added to Global Navigation, "Home". You can navigate to this new landing page to view all your New UX apps & pages, your My Pages, and your Models! If you currently do no...  Read Full Article
In our latest release, we enable you to: input data via checkboxes, and switch customer on mobile.   Read Full Article
This release introduces some changes to how you can interact with the New User Experience (NUX), including: Board layout improvements Multi-line text support for the Field Card Read Full Article
We are excited to announce we have released an improved SSO flow, removing the need for enterprise users to enter an SSO name to login. Any My Pages you have created now also appear on Anaplan M...  Read Full Article
My Pages   In a highly personalized world, our customers want highly personalized planning. My Pages, one of the exciting new features in the new user experience, gives Anaplan planners just tha...  Read Full Article
Today's release introduces several much anticipated features: Field cards: Publish a line item or multiple line items as fields on a Board or Worksheet Forms: List subset support: Use a Fo...  Read Full Article