Rapidly adopt CPG revenue planning best practices. Generate a customer-level Revenue and Trade Spending forecast driven by weekly trade promotion activity including promotional pricing, feature and display plans. Incorporate both internal sales and
Supply Chain
CPG Customer Account Planner
Activity Based Costing is a method for accurately calculating costs based on true causation and then applying them to calculate the true profitability of products, customers, and relationships. This ABC app provides a complete ABC solution within
Activity-Based Costing
Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) is an approach that is focused on taking costs out of areas with little impact and spending in areas that drive growth. The Accenture ZBB App leverages our closed loop methodology which enables deep visibility to identify,
Zero Based Budgeting
The forecast process for new products (innovation) is difficult and requires input and alignment from several representatives in the Supply Chain.
Supply Chain
Innovation Forecasting - Top Down
This tool enables companies to make SKU exit decisions with confidence and coordination.
Supply Chain
SKU Optimization - Exit
A Detailed Scheduling and Production Planning application to create manufacturing production plans and capacity plans.
Supply Chain
Detailed Scheduling and Production Planning
Use your Account Based Marketing data to optimize your marketing spending in one solution —from allocation of budget, planning marketing campaigns to forecasting.
Account Based Marketing Planning
How does your company set shelf price? How does shelf price compare against regions? Do you need visibility to pricing decisions?
Price Modeling
App designed to support advanced S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and APS (Advance Planning & Scheduling) challenges.
Supply Chain
Supply Demand Optimization (APS & S&OP)
The Fidenda EVM solution enables you to plan and track performance against your portfolio of projects.
Supply Chain
Earned Value Management for Projects
Connecting SKU level detail to optimise inventory and sales planning
Supply Chain
Sales & Operations Planning
Deloitte’s Trade promotion application provides companies the ability to streamline the promotion and claims planning by providing visualization and forecasting capabilities
Supply Chain
Trade Promotion Management
Deloitte's Capital Project Planning & Allocations App enables end user requests and full organizational transparency for strategic initiatives
Capital Project Planning & Allocations
Cost Allocation & Transfer Pricing app enables organizations to implement driver based cost allocation, facilitating cost recovery and transfer pricing process
Cost Allocation & Transfer Pricing
Transportation planning App for delivery and inventory coordination, focused on Plant and Distribution Center level
Supply Chain
Transportation Planning
Purchase Order oriented proposal and tracking app for material management, focused at the project warehouse and supplier level.
Supply Chain
Material Management