Higher Education

Headcount is expensive. It comprises as much as 80 percent of annual company expenses, so getting the headcount budget right is important. Anaplan takes the headcount and payroll planning process out of spreadsheet silos and puts it into one
Headcount and Payroll Planning
Colleges and universities are expected to deliver high quality education to a diverse student population under a growing set of challenges. This requires improving instruction, research, and student outcomes under increasingly tighter budgets,
Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting - Higher Education
The Student Enrollment and Cohort model’s purpose is to forecast future cohort enrollment numbers while providing instantaneous tuition and expense predictions from your key model input drivers.
Student Enrollment & Cohort Model
Anaplan's Workforce Planning app includes a comprehensive set of features and functionalities for planning at any company.
Workforce Planning
Deloitte’s Higher Education – Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting (PBF) Model is a financial model used for forecasting workforce, expenses, tuition, enrollment, profitability and grants.
Higher Education – Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Transform your institution’s long-range planning process using various forecast methods centered around tuition and fees, student enrollment, meal plans and housing.
Higher Education: Long Range Planning
Model to help expedite the introduction and execution of RCM (Responsibility Center Management) budgeting process via preconfigured navigation pages, approval processes, planning rules, and security controlled roles.
RCM (Responsibility Center Management)
Review profitability and financial position at each level of your institution using SR's quick start template to expedite development of your Anaplan model
Higher Education Profitability
Allitix's Health System and Physicians Group Planning app addresses the difficulties with managing revenue, physician productivity and compensation.
Health System & Physicians Group Planning