Wage and hour cases are the fastest growing category of employment related class action lawsuits. Trying to reconcile changing laws with business requirements and system configurations is a difficult task without a proper solution. Conquer
Conquer Compliance (HALO)
The one and only classic Minesweeper!
This application is the model that you will build out in the Instructor Led version of the 102: Introduction to Model Building course being offered by the Anaplan Enablement Team. To sign up for this course, visit https://learning.anaplan.com. For
Introduction to Model Building (Instructor Led)
The classic two players game: out think your opponent with strategic moves!
Connect Four
This is an Anaplan version of the classic role-playing Supply Chain simulation that exposes players to real-world supply chain challenges. Players will pick the role of customer, supplier or distributor and try to manage the demand for beer without
Beer Game
Dynamic. Adaptive. Iterative. Anaplan for Agile Implementation incorporates tenets and elements of agile project methodology as it aligns with the Anaplan Way, including planning and requirements analysis, designing around user story creation and
Agile Implementation - The Anaplan Way
The classic codebreaker game.
Classic game of connect 4 - with a connected planning twist. Play against the Anaplan artificial intelligence to be the first to match 4 of a colour in a row.
Connect Four 2.0
A simple, yet addictive puzzle game.
Flow The Game
It's football season! Connect your office Anaplanners with a fun new app.  You have to WIN TO STAY IN!
All-In Survivor Pool - Pro Football