Rapidly adopt CPG revenue planning best practices. Generate a customer-level Revenue and Trade Spending forecast driven by weekly trade promotion activity including promotional pricing, feature and display plans. Incorporate both internal sales and
Supply Chain
CPG Customer Account Planner
Headcount and payroll planning according to French regulations and usages. Set up French payroll parameters and define headcount for CY forecast and NY budget, by employee.
Headcount and Salary Forecasting - France
The Direct Product Profitability model is something that every retailer should have in their toolkit. This tool is vital to assisting with the operational decision making process by giving you the ultimate insight into every single cost that goes
Direct Product Profitability for Retail
Manage your innovation stream with the ownership and accountability of a "Stages and Gates" process
Supply Chain
NPI - Stages and Gates
The forecast process for new products (innovation) is difficult and requires input and alignment from several representatives in the Supply Chain.
Supply Chain
Innovation Forecasting - Top Down
This tool enables companies to make SKU exit decisions with confidence and coordination.
Supply Chain
SKU Optimization - Exit
The app improves and simplifies the forecasting and control of rental costs for retailers with a large number of stores.
Store Rental Calculation
Planafin offers a tailor-made revenue planning and forecasting solution focused on E-Commerce industry that is challenged with huge portfolio of products, larger customer base, shifting buying patterns, promotions and discounts.
E-Commerce Revenue Planning
Planning from the a single lease to the group consolidated forecast - all connected in a single model.
Real Estate Planning
Deloitte’s Trade promotion application provides companies the ability to streamline the promotion and claims planning by providing visualization and forecasting capabilities
Supply Chain
Trade Promotion Management
Allitix’s FP&A app for Midsize Companies delivers a simple, focused solution package that accelerates deployment time for growing companies.
Connected Planning for Midsize Companies
This solution addresses the key challenges of buying merchandise from third parties by retail companies and help towards lower unsold stock levels.
Supply Chain
Open To Buy (OTB)
Cost Allocation & Transfer Pricing app enables organizations to implement driver based cost allocation, facilitating cost recovery and transfer pricing process
Cost Allocation & Transfer Pricing
Transportation planning App for delivery and inventory coordination, focused on Plant and Distribution Center level
Supply Chain
Transportation Planning
Purchase Order oriented proposal and tracking app for material management, focused at the project warehouse and supplier level.
Supply Chain
Material Management
This App puts into practice 'connected planning' concept  in Anaplan linking plans from investors, property and fund managers into one single place.
Property FP&A
The Digital Assortment Solution uses advanced analytics and industry leading practices to guide retail merchants through the assortment planning process.
Digital Assortment Solution (DAS)
The app enables organizations to plan for development and growth opportunities, and for total Brand Marketing investments being incurred for such opportunities
Brand Marketing Investment Planning
Create features, manage change requests, and track project development with Akili's Studio Production Planning App.
Studio Production Planning
Digital Commercial Planning uses advanced analytics & industry leading practices to inform decision making across all steps of commercial planning cycle
Supply Chain
Digital Commercial Planning
For front end sales affiliates, enable PSI control with statistical forecast and inventory plan and communicate global demands to the factories.
S&OP with Multi Layer PSI Control (JP)