The Academic Calendar is a core system for Higher Education Institutions because it connects the operating activities of most departments within the institution. A perfect example is how the Finance department relies on constant updates of the
Semester Planning
This Sales Forecasting & Production Planning model aims to help tile manufacturing companies by advocating the idea of "connected planning" where it brings together all the plans of the business into one integrated set of plans.
Sales Forecasting & Production Planning for Tile Manufacturers
The Downstream Gas Allocation model enables oil and gas players to shift from rigid solution systems and two-dimensional spreadsheets to a dynamic integrated platform where the process flows can be managed more efficiently.
Downstream Gas Allocation
The Multiple Linear Regression model uses multiple explanatory variables to forecast the value and outcome of one response variable.
Multiple Linear Regression
The Activity Based Allocation model looks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing an ABC costing system for businesses.
Activity Based Allocation
The Planning Optimization model is an essential tool for what-if analysis.
Planning Optimization
The Demand Planning for Manufacturing Industry model provides a real-time platform to analyze, evaluate and forecast future requirements with ease by the automation of the consolidation and forecast processes derived from historical data.
Supply Chain
Demand Planning for Manufacturing Industry
The inverse regression app is a multivariate statistical tool that aides the study of the relationship between a response variable (y) and its predictor variable (x). 
Inverse Regression