Every business is distinct and unique, but our short-term cash flow planning tool can be tailored to your circumstances. Information Business Function FinanceCash Flow
Short-Term Cash Flow Planning (UK)
Retail and Consumer planning application accelerating the build of a financial plan while supporting overhead / corporate allocations at a non-segment level to segements and product lines. .
CPG Retail Allocation and Profitability (US)
Leading IT organizations view themselves as a service providers, striving to meet the needs of their business partners across multiple areas including applications, infrastructure, communications, projects, and the like. However, in many cases the
IT Financial Management and Cost Transparency (US)
Account reconciliations are a key control that help finance leaders gain confidence in the completeness and accuracy of balances. However, the account reconciliation process can be manually-intensive, consuming scare resources whose efforts could be
Account Reconciliation Automation (US)
The new accounting standards, IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842, will put almost all leases on the lessee’s balance sheet as a lease liability and right-of-use asset. This app helps lessees understand how the new accounting standard for leases will apply to
Lease Assessment (AU)
Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies operate in a highly dynamic and ever-changing business environment. To effectively drive financial performance, leading companies must have the ability to model the impact of evolving regulations, increased
Pharma Revenue Planning (US)
The Transfer Pricing for Financial Services App is a proof of concept model to demonstrate how principles of cost allocation and transfer pricing can be calculated and reported in Anaplan. The application demonstrates how both inter an intra-legal
Transfer Pricing for Financial Services (UK)
Align your expenditures with strategic goals, improve budget visibility and enforce cost ownership with PwC's Zero & Driver Based Budgeting app.
Zero & Driver Based Budgeting (BE)