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Integrated business planning of forecasting and demand planning for sales, marketing, business units, customers, distributors, operations, finance, and executive management. Best-in-class, industry-proven demand management process enabled with tool
Supply Chain
Sales & Operations Planning
Forecasting revenues, gaps and design win target setting based on the growth and decline of “legacy” revenue & “new” Design Wins depending on the revenue ramp profiles normalized to Design Win date and Design Win Life Time Value across all
Design Win / Pipeline to Revenue Projection
Statistical Forecasting for Manufacturing allows for choosing the right mix of historical data streams between Booking, Billing, and Backlog. The history can be further segmented based on the density of the data per time bucket. The app also
Supply Chain
Statistical Forecasting for Manufacturing
Multilevel cost allocation application allows for planners to maintain multiple level allocation of indirect costs to the product family in the product hierarchy. Users will be able to maintain ratios at the source and the destination level.
Multilevel Cost Allocation
Gross Margin Analytics, P& L Forecasting, planning & reporting for manufacturing application provides financial planning tools for performing what-if scenario planning and analysis for available market, volume mix changes and Yield changes. Users
Gross Margin Analytics and P&L Forecasting
Analyze your supply chain performance with Key performance metrics from the world’s leading supply chain framework - Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR).
Supply Chain
Volatility has become a common norm in manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors and logistics services providers need to realign some of their planning practices specifically around this reality. Customer demand, changing markets or
Supply Chain
Demand Supply and Revenue Balance
Sales forecasting for Manufacturing enhances the sales forecasting process by allowing customers to forecast direct and distributor sales, compare with statistical forecasting and other forecast key figures. Additional features such as transferring
Sales Forecasting for Manufacturing
Enhance your Marketing Forecast process through this easy to use app catering for easy planning for accurately forecasting the life cycle of your products, planning for the introduction of new products and ending the life of products. Analyze the
Market Forecasting for Manufacturing
This Safety Stock Planning app uses industry standard formula for calculation of cost optimized service level percentages and corresponding safety stock quantities per month. The optimization considers product/location carrying cost and stock out
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Inventory Planning
A Detailed Scheduling and Production Planning application to create manufacturing production plans and capacity plans.
Supply Chain
Detailed Scheduling and Production Planning